Which is heavy metal music?

Heavy metal music developed from rock music in the late 1960s. In the past 40 years, it has not only entered its own genre, but also has become a complete culture. It is divided into dozens of sub-genres, and with its unique style, it has gained worldwide popularity.

Classic heavy metal music is described as having a thick, huge sound, including extended guitar solo, complex beats, amplified distortion and overall loudness. The main instruments of most groups are electric guitars, bass guitars, drums, vocals, and sometimes keyboards. Although most groups use singers as their leader, heavy metal music often focuses on the lead guitarist.

The guitarist of heavy metal music is the key.

They executed the extended metal sheriff and usually led the team. Although some metal guitarists use the main power chords in their songs, most have learned classical music and have amazing abilities. Some of the techniques used are alternative provinces, string skipping, percussion, ragato, cleaning picking and economic picking.

Heavy metal music developed in the late 1960s, with groups such as Black Sabbath and Zeppelin. From the origin of this new music style, a huge music sub-genre appeared. The lyrics of metal music often focus on dark or depressing themes, including death, war, paranoia and personal trauma. Some extreme metallic forms tend to focus on aggressive or bloody lyrics, while others focus on more philosophical themes. In most metals, a common theme is the general method of doing what you want, regardless of the world.

The genre of heavy metal music is as rich as the ideology of each artist. The most popular heavy metal music styles include alternative metal, ergonomic metal, funk metal, classic metal, grinding core, industrial metal, metal core, neoclassical metal, nu metal, gothic, speed, post-metal, rap metal, dirty Mud metal is the same as doom and death metal. Each sub-genre brings elements of other music styles, such as blues, rap, rock, alternative, folk, collapse, hip-hop and classical music.

Visual appearance has always been a powerful factor in heavy metal music. Some groups, such as Kiss and Alice Cooper, have become famous for their quirky costumes and huge stage performances.

How to fall in love with heavy metal music

Today’s classic dresses with metal heads include long hair, over shoulders, black T-shirts, metal band logos, jeans, black bandits and black leather jackets. According to reporter Nader Rahman, the members of the Changfa Metal community resist everything they need with the strength they need. Here

Heavy metal music is very masculine, therefore, there is no usual dance in concerts. Most viewers will participate in head bumps or just make arm gestures. Other displays may include “moving”, stage diving or crowd surfing.

Heavy metal fans have their own real codes. The code requires the performer to be authentic, dedicated to subculture and music, and they must not sell out. Some performers were turned away because they lacked the authenticity the audience was looking for.

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