Musical instruments appear in traditional Chinese music

One of the most important factors in each culture of the music department. Traditional Chinese music can be traced back to 7000 to 8000 years in the Neolithic Age, which is completely different from the Western music system.

You can learn about the legends in Chinese program culture. For example, among the famous melody in ancient China, “High Mountain Liushui” (literally means “mountain and water”) is a story about the internal understanding of music, making a couple the best friends. Legend has it that Bo Ya, a Guqin master, played a musical instrument in the wilderness, and woodworker Zhong Ziqi understood that his music depicts the rugged mountains and rivers. Bo Ya was shocked and mentioned, “My heart is echoing in you,” they grew into dreamlike close friends. When Ziqi died, Bo Ya was sad and shedding. 1 Who can really know what he is The thought of hearing his music. He broke the instrument and never played it again. The Chinese program word “Zhiyin” (Zhiyin), the literally understood sound, also originated from this story.

Music of China

Chinese standard program instruments such as Erhu, Guzheng, Guqin, Xun, Pippa, etc. may change the meaning of shackles that you have learned. A wonderful performance that has been played for hundreds or thousands of years may reverberate in you.

Guzheng, or Zheng is a kind of Chinese program Zisse with a movable bridge with 16-25 strings. It is indeed one of the best inherited ancient musical instruments and is relatively popular. Guzheng is a popular instrument for thousands of years, and is considered a solo instrument for solo performances in traditional Chinese music programs. In addition, Guzheng has effectively integrated into many modern music, such as Chinese rock show.

Pippa, a four-stringed pear shape, is definitely a tool for witnessing cultural exchanges. This musical instrument was introduced from Central Asia about two thousand years ago, and gradually became popular during the Tang Dynasty (618-907), when the society fanatically accepted exotic craftsmanship. The performance plan includes the most effective hand finger picking strings and the left hand finger touching the strings in some ways to develop melody, decorations and special effects. The finger of the string is moved outward, which is very opposite to the guitar tactics. Over time, musical instruments have become an indispensable part of traditional Chinese program music.

A look at traditional Chinese music

Erhu, or Erhu, a double string violin, is between two famous traditional Chinese program instruments. Erhu sounds a lot like the human voice and can imitate many natural sounds, such as birds and horses. It is a very expressive instrument, the most famous for playing melancholic tunes, but it can also play cheerful melody. Erhu Home has developed into one of the most commonly used musical instruments in China.

Guqin, which literally means an ancient musical instrument, is actually a seven-stringed instrument without a bridge. Guqin music has a history of more than three thousand years. In 2003, it was listed as a masterpiece of human oral and intangible heritage by UNESCO. Confucius is a famous teacher of musical instruments. For thousands of years, Guqin has been regarded as a truly important factor in education in enriching the soul and enhancing the human spirit. Even so, it is considered to be an advanced form of craftsmanship, it has never been popular in history.

Morinkul or horse head violin is a common Mongolian bowed instrument with two strings, however, it is very different from Erhu. A horse belt with a bow will not go between your two strings, but the appearance of the instrument and playing is more equivalent to the cello and not the erhu. The instrument was originally made from horse head to body, horse skin to resonator, horse lace to string and bow. The background music played on this instrument is varied and superb. It is very similar to music that usually looks like a human voice, and may imitate a horse to this degree, just like a galloping horse, grumble, etc. The modern Morincourt features a wooden body and soundboard, 2 horses with strings, and has a rich and comfortable tone and an amazing sound. The nail head adorns the full-scale carving of the horse head.

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