How to promote your music on the street

Promoting your music on the road is a bold task, especially in public places with strangers you love. It’s not an easy task, but if you really need to have success, you want to do it! Musicians perform in the house, practice mats, and in the studio, surrounded by rats and people who know it, it’s excellent . However, if you really need to make it big, then you must leave your field. Go and commit to learning to sell your music all the time!

Set up promotions.

Ask your band member or partner and plan an event. For example, next Sunday, you are likely to go to a park and promote your music at that level. Use Facebook and develop an occasion page to ask your friends in advance in addition to greet you. Tell your fans, you will definitely talk, talk and perform your music. Will help you get some lively events, and you will see some range of participants.

Create some promotional materials.

Print some flyers, T-shirts, business cards, which may have your brand name and logo. For people who find themselves interested in music. You can record music on some CDs and provide it for free. You can bring your notebook computer and become a member of your Facebook page or mailing list. Check out the new people and start a conversation. Seek information on how to better perform in music. Ask what he likes, and what he likes.

Perform your song for your crowd.

It’s the greatest career first. The performance stayed in front of the audience. Sing with confidence, and then confirm the reaction. Don’t worry about your voice; it won’t be 100% because you are in your comfort zone, but it will improve. Make sure you’re sure that it’s not like someone sings in the subway, and they change their situation by giving up on the subway. Do this: let your family and fans return to you, dear, and watch all the time. You only peep at a lot of people, not the opposite person passing by. When people know that you have a crowd, they will participate in the future because you get more tight eyeballs. After each song, welcome new audiences and feel like your friend. Don’t use your promotional materials, but don’t try to sell it to them.

Rinse and repeat.

Persist in falling over and over again, and you will see more people and confidence every time. Accept Zhongda’s challenge and perform your music in a big place. Never worry about your personal words, you do your job. When your fan base will grow, you will learn to see sales and viral promotion. Go to the streets to promote your music!

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